Google Cloud set-up


In this post we will look at the setup of google cloud. This is the first step from where you can start using google cloud platform and using instance/ machine from Google cloud.

  1. Open url

2. Create or login using google account

Once logged in, you will view page as shown below :


3. Click on signup for free trial. One best part of google cloud is that it provides you free access to all its cloud platform for complete one year. It provides you with $300 which you can use it in a year, to access any feature of google cloud.

Once your subscription (either $300 or 1year) is over you will be asked if you would like to continue. If you decline it, you are not going to be charged anything. But trust me you would like its feature- it’s cost is very low, user interface is very easy, have lots of features, security is awesome. Anyway, it’s up to you to decide if you would like to continue subscription or not. Be sure your card details are very secure and you will not be charged a single penny without your permission (That’s what I have seen for the last ~2 yrs)

4. Click on agree and continue


5. Complete the details for the form and then click on start my free trial.

You will see below screen once you have started your free trial

You can “Tour the console” or simple click on “GOT IT”. I would recommend to tour the console as it will give you quick understanding of the console.

Click on three bars icon on the top left corner of the page

and from there select compute engine.

To create instance or machines in google you need to enable billing, By enabling billing you will be charged from $300 provided to you by google cloud (That means it free 🙂 )


And then select billing account:


Once this is done, you can create your first instance/machine in google cloud.  One thing to note here is that google maintains your instance/machine and other features using projects. By default it create project name “My Project” and your instances/ machines will be part of this project. One is free to create various projects and maintain their different machines in different projects.

google cloud project





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